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Even though I claim the NBZ(series) to be a "what if" non-canon flash series, I'm here to confirm that the NBZ series(in an all "What if" case) takes place after Naruto Episode 100 and before the battle between Goku and Cell In Dragon Ball Z Episode 177.

More Episodes

2013-07-31 17:43:37 by guardianprince1996

Okay fellow newground members, i hope you're enjoying the latest episode of the NBZ series. I know it's short, but fear not my fellow fans and viewers episode 2 will be longer since it'll involve lots of new appearances and a story of the NBZ series supervillain Shadrim the blue villain from the opening i posted as well as a flashback. I'll start the development of the next episode shortly. Until then i hope you guys enjoy the first episode and remember to press spacebar for the text buttons. It's the same thing Alvin-Earthworm used for his space buttons(whom i give credit to for the idea).

Until next time, see ya!

Naruto Ball Z Characters

2013-07-15 06:06:45 by guardianprince1996

Hey everyone, today i'm going to list the confirmed characters for the Naruto Ball Z The Legends Of Battles Series.

Confirmed Heroic Team (Team Z: with Team Z replacing the name Team 7)






Confirmed Villainous Team(The Shadow Force Squad)

Shadrim(modeled after Black Heart from Marvel Super Heroes VS. Street Fighter. Created and named by Dr.Gero with a different storyline and personality than Black Heart. And also the leader of The Shadow Force Squad aimed to destroy Goku, Naruto, and friends).

Broly(Revived, also second in command of The Shadow Force Squad).

Perfect Cell



Naruto Ball Z

2013-06-22 07:16:14 by guardianprince1996

Okay fellow Newground users the new Naruto Ball Z The Legends of Battles Trailer is up. If you're watching hope you enjoy.

NBZ Related

2013-06-17 16:01:32 by guardianprince1996

Anyone watching the latest teaser I released may need to have their volume low because the audio is a bit too loud lol.

Naruto The Legends Of Battles

2011-03-15 21:43:29 by guardianprince1996

Naruto Ball Z has been changed to Naruto The Legends Of Battles(coming soon to Newgrounds)


2011-02-03 20:38:41 by guardianprince1996

maybe i shouldn't release a preview it might be best to just publish the episodes for more suspense.


2011-02-03 20:26:28 by guardianprince1996

Guys i will finally get Started on the first 3 Episodes of Naruto Ball Z(Which will be the New Name For the Series since it will feature the original Naruto Dragon Ball Z saga). I Will also Make a Preview to keep all the newground fans busy until i release the 3 Episodes. Also the NBZ Series' Intros and outros will start from Naruto Openings first to DBZ Endings last. And keep in mind it won't be real to the original series it will only be a what if storyline created by me Guardianprince1996.


2010-11-22 20:09:22 by guardianprince1996

Naruto Ball cant be made until my old computer is fxed. Im afraid Naruto Ball is Canceled Until Further Notice of my old CPU.

Sad Sad bad news

2010-11-08 18:32:23 by guardianprince1996

Hate to break it to all you Newground Fans but im afraid due to the fact that my computers memory corruption accured i'll have to publish the first three episodes on February 18,2011 O_O. But have no fears i'll probably air the show earlier and by then i might publish a trailer of the Season.Naruto Ball will air every 2 months with 3 episodes in total.I might even make a movie and game of it.